You were made to


I coach and empower
women to RISE UP
and live impactful, victorious lives. 

I'm Lori, and I have a ridiculous passion for helping women discover their true identity, transform their belief systems and purposely create a successful lifestyle.

I too have  risen up to the call of being a victorious and confident woman who impacts, transforms and changes every life I touch and pour into.  I LOVE my life.  I am a Professional Life Coach.  I speak life.

It wasn't always that way.  I often found myself thinking that I had nothing of value to offer or say.  That ONE limiting belief kept me from speaking up when I was called to SPEAK out.   I was done with allowing culture, fear, experience and expectations dictate who I was.  It was time for change.  

There is radical transformation available for you too.  Discovering your identity and purpose is foundational.  Have you ever truly identified your core values?  I will coach you through that.   This is empowering stuff!  How does what you believe affect your life?  Seriously... it's profound.  I will walk you through transforming your thinking.  From limiting beliefs to radical empowering ones!  That is a changed life right there.  Your actions will follow.  You WILL walk in victory.  NOW is the time to live life well - with purpose, power and impact.  You were created for more.

Choose Your Adventure:


Coaching that reveals your identity and purpose while discovering your personal core values.


Identify those limiting beliefs and start radically living your new empowering beliefs.


Be a visionary, create your Mission Statement and set some ridiculous but achievable goals.

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Erickson Professional Life Coach

It's TIME to grab destiny by the hand slay whatever is stopping you.