It's time for you to rewrite your story and make room for yourself to learn how to align with God's design for your life.

I help Christian women who know they have a specifically designed call on their life, 
to leave mediocrity behind. 
I coach them in the discovery of exactly who God has designed them to be
and how to break through barriers that have held them back.  
Then I mobilize them in precisely what He has called them to do.

Lifestyle Reboot 

Signature 12 Week Course

Walk away  


Identify and breakdown barriers, discover your limiting beliefs, and start radically living your new empowering beliefs.


Discover your Core Values so you can align your call and live authentically.  Hidden values will be revealed and revived.


Confirm the specific call you have and clarify your mission in life.


Define the action steps specific to you and be mobilized in your vision and calling.  

Professional Life Coach
Mapping Your Values
I'm Lori, and I have a ridiculous passion for helping women discover their true identity and core values, transform their limiting mindsets, identify and break down barriers and purposely
clarify and create a successful lifestyle.  Truth is - we ALL have a specifically designed call on our lives.  You are here for a purpose and if you haven't nailed that down yet, there is still time to discover what that is, what's holding you back, then breakthrough fear and live it.

I too have  risen up to the call of being a victorious and confident woman who impacts, transforms and changes every life I touch and pour into.  I made a choice not to be a victim at a time when I could have.
I had a respected mentor share Philippians 3:7-9  with me at a time when I was
depressed, bitter and grieving everything I had lost.  Life was really messy.
That verse says that the only thing that really matters in life is my personal, intimate relationship with Jesus.  
Everything else is... well - garbage.  
Yup, everything else is really worthless.  
So I began to filter everything through that one verse.  
That allowed me to let go of my hopes, dreams and plans I had meticulously worked out for my life.  
Whenever I began to get resentful, I had to look at the BIG picture.
ALL that really mattered was me and Jesus.
And He began to heal my heart.  
I worked on my thinking, I started down the hard path of forgiveness and I listened.  I surrendered to Jesus and to this new Plan B that I never asked for.  I didn't even know what it was.  But I trusted.  I began to discover my identity on a new level.  God really met me in a tangible way that left me feeling spoiled.  Nothing changed in that moment in the physical realm, but that feeling has never left me.
I LOVE my life.  
I am a Professional Life Coach.  
I speak life.

It wasn't always that way.  I went on a journey of investigating how I spoke to myself, what I was thinking that kept me from living life whole and on track with what God had planned for me. I often found myself thinking that I had nothing of value to offer or say. That ONE limiting belief kept me from speaking up when I was called to SPEAK out.  
I was called to lead and initiate transformation in people.
I was called to partner with Jesus and facilitate healing in the deep places we often get stuck and are struggling with.
I was done with allowing culture, fear, past experience and expectations dictate who I was.  
It was time for change.

I am a Lifestyle Catalyst who absolutely loves initiating transformation & activating Christian women in their gifts and the specific assignments God designed for them.

There is radical transformation available for you too.  Maybe you have stopped dreaming but have left a little space still for a miracle.  That is why you are here. Right?

LIve Restored 
as we break down barriers and fears holding you back plus tackles some mindset blocks.
Live Authentic 
because you will learn who you are - to the core.
And how to align your call and decisions with your core values.
Live Brave 
as you gain confidence, clarify your mission in life and get mobilized.
Live Inspired 
as you move forward with impacting your world through your vision and God designed assignment.

 NOW is the time to live life well - with purpose, power and impact.  You were created for more.
If that is tough to believe at the moment...leave a little space for a miracle.
You CAN get there.

Let's rewrite your story.

You were made to thrive.

It's time to make space
for something different and miraculous to happen.