Fed up and frustrated with where you are?

You know you need to change, but feel like you are not sure you have anything to offer.

Or maybe you’ve pushed your goals to the side for years, but they keep bubbling up to the surface.  You know there is more.
You have a purpose & were meant for more, but you aren't there yet.  It seems a long way off.

You’re ready to live the way YOU want, but that first step is tricky.

You want to get down to the nitty-gritty: why you are here, what you love – and how to do it EVERY day.

Check out my services below and get in touch for a complimentary chat.  
I’d love to help you live on your terms.

Discovery Call

Discover & experience Life Coaching & determine which coaching package works best for you. (30min. call)
Indicate 2 different days with 2 time-slots that would be convenient to call you.  Include as well WHY you would like to work with a Life Coach.

Package A.

BREAKTHROUGH - Purpose, Identity & Values


Have you lost your JOY and desperately want to FIND and live in your sweet spot? 
Knowing your purpose, who you are and what drives you are keys to living life victoriously. 
A Purpose Driven Life.  
Sounds fulfilling but HOW do you get there?  Know your WHY.  Living life on purpose and knowing your call will bring contentment and focus.
Then it all begins to line up.  Peace.  Go get it.  You deserve it.
Know who you are.  
Let’s peel back the layers in your belief system and reveal the true you.  Who are you meant to be?  Who do you or others say you are?  If there is a difference – it’s time to fix that.  Does it line up with who God say you are?   God calls us based on who He see you to be – not on who you were. 

There are many truths that are foundational for a strong identity, but discovering the unique pieces to who we are, makes it all fit together. 
Being strong in your identity is the beginning of a fulfilled and harmonious life.

Discover what drives you.
Knowing why we do what we do, why some things hurt us that doesn’t wound others and why we make the choices we make is truly liberating. 

Can’t hit the hay without cleaning the kitchen first?  Always opting for the fun stuff but others want you to accomplish something?  The mess never really bothers you but not getting enough time with hubby or friends wounds you deeply?  
When you discover your personal core values – it literally launches you into a place of freedom and revelation.  
It’s that ‘AHAAA’ moment that releases you to be YOU.

You may have a ‘hidden’ value that has been pushed down and squelched since you were little.  
LEARN to rise into your core values, be true to yourself.  It’s life changing. 

It’s time to be coached for a Values discovery that will transform your heart.

How it works:

You receive 4 coaching appointments over one month.
We will take time to focus on each of the three areas individually.
Yes there is some homework. (sorry!)  But there is a point to this!  The homework related to each appointment will make your time with me very profitable.
Together we will:
  • Solidify your purpose so you have a strong foundation for life.
  • Uncover your personal identity and make a plan to live true to you. 
  •  Peel away negative influences and create reminders that reflect your personal revelations and foundational, biblical truth.
  • Discover your top 5 personal core values.  Define them and identify how they reflect and rise up in your life. 
  • Determine if there are any hidden values that need to be brought to the surface.  
  • Make a values plan that enables you to live life with integrity based on your values and not anyone else’s. 

Package B.

TRANSFORMATION - Empowering Beliefs


Feeling stuck?  Negative thinking got you hooked? 
It’s time to experience freedom and begin to make the changes necessary to transform your life. 
What you believe about yourself and what you say to yourself will determine the quality of your life (and how you treat others).  It will also show up in how you speak into your kids lives, your friends, your spouse… what are you saying to them?  How do you say it?   Well what you say to yourself is often worse and we don’t even recognize it. These are tough areas – I will make you work.  But I am not afraid to get down to the root & help you plant new seeds of fruitful beliefs and rip out those old ones.  
What limiting beliefs are holding you back from being the BEST you possible?   We will identify exactly what those are and begin to un-earth the truth about who you are and who you are called to be.  Say goodbye to the old you - Hello to the new you & a new life.
Let’s bring on change.  Radical change.

How it works:

You will receive two coaching appointments over one month, including unlimited email access during the program. 
You can choose to focus on a specific area you struggle with or simply use this session to learn to write positive affirmations related to your goals and dreams.
Together we will:
  • Identify the lies and limiting beliefs that hold you back from living life fully.
  • Focus on the truth and begin to dump the beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Create empowering beliefs that work – because they are true.
  • Put a plan into place to make those new beliefs your default system – replacing the old.
  • Establish a foundation that will enable you to do this on your own and teach others how to create radical change in their lives.

Package C.

IMPACT - Mission Statement and Goal Setting


This year is going to be different.
You owe yourself the gift of a life transformed, but it doesn't happen without a plan.
Goals can be set ANY TIME, so let’s get to it.
A small decision that leads to BIG change and success... It's time to get serious about what you want.  Even if you don't know exactly what that is, we will figure it out and get you up and running.

Learn to be a visionary, create your Mission Statement and set some ridiculous but achievable goals.
But it's not just about 'success' and hitting the 'goal'... it's about knowing your mission, your purpose and walking it out in everything you do.  
It's time to put pen to paper and write out your mission statement.  This is your measuring stick for everything you do and decide to do.  When your goals, your life and your decisions line up with your mission - there is integrity, joy and peace that automatically supports your purpose and values.  

How it works

You receive 3 months of personal coaching (9 one-hour calls/appointments), including unlimited email access during the program.  Customized exercises and worksheets.   Imagine living life knowing your mission and living a life of impact, a life full of purpose ...while you embrace the journey. (YES a fulfilled life, despite the obstacles and challenges that often come with it)  YOU are an overcomer.  YOU are victorious.  YOU’VE got this.
Together we will:
  • Work on and develop your personal Mission Statement.
  • Identify the changes that need to be made in order to live from your life mission.
  • Put a plan into place to make those changes work.
  • Establish some goals and create a plan to achieve them.
  • Dig deep and discover the WHY behind each goal (which helps keep you on track and gives you strong emotional reasons to stick with it)
  • Talk about potential obstacles and eliminate most of them immediately. 
  • Figure out what motivates you and what doesn't – to keep you focused.
  • Uncover some of your limiting beliefs related to your goals, and then shift those to empowering beliefs to change your life.
  • Set a 'Celebration' day to connect and celebrate together the accomplishment of your goal.