Don't Just Think it... INK it!

​WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS... Unless you write them down, goals are often lost in the shuffle and excitement of new problems & challenges.
I have been impacted so strongly by this recently as I just came across a sheet where I had brainstormed & written down all the things that really mattered to me, where I wanted to have the most impact & ideas about my new future.
About 5 years ago I found myself throwing out my 10yr goal binder. WHY?  Because life had thrown me a curve ball & I needed to start over.  For a moment that was a devastating move... it was drastic move, chucking that binder in the garbage can.    Yes - I could have just gone dumpster diving and re-vamped them to suit my present circumstances.  But I wanted to start fresh from my core desires, dreams and values and see what I came up with.  I had a new fresh opportunity to re-create my future.  Woot woot!  
BE SURE YOUR GOALS ARE YOUR GOALS If your goals are influenced by the expectations of others or copied from someone else & are not from your heart... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.  You won't have the spirit or passion to achieve them.  They won't be YOURS and your subconscious will not enlist itself to help you achieve them.  You won't be emotionally invested enough to make it happen.  
MAKE SURE YOUR GOALS ALIGN WITH YOUR VALUES  Don't sacrifice your core values for a goal that isn't worth it.  I was careful to dig deep and line-up my ideas, desires & goals with what my values and mission were.  It took some time, but I set aside a quiet moment to really create some depth to my dream-sheet.  
5 years ago I wrote down 3 ideas for what I thought I would love to be doing.  
1. Life Coach  
2. Missions trips  
3. Have life-long impact on young people 17 - 21yrs old  (yes - I was THAT specific.)  I had also written down all the things I would like to teach these young adults. 
I am now doing all 3 - I didn't even really know you could get 'Life Coach' training at that time... but guess what came my way?   In regards to Missions trips... I am not only making that a regular part of my yearly plan, I am part of a National Missions board who are an integral part of sending and preparing missionaries for ministry abroad.   When I was asked to be part of this team - I KNEW it fit with my goals and values.  It lined up with what I love and fits with what I do.  So it was easy to make that decision.  And in regards to the young adults I want to influence... I am heading up a Leadership Development Internship at my church.  And EVERY SINGLE TOPIC I wrote down 5 years ago is on the 'Teaching list'!!!  What was surprising to me was that the teaching list was not entirely developed by me and I discovered the old list well after the year of teachings were established.  I think THAT is what shocked and impacted me the most from all I had written down 5 yrs ago.  But BONUS.... It also confirmed to me that I was in the right place, doing the right thing.  
I tell you this because it is an example of the strength and power of writing down your goals.  It is a reminder that your goals need to be yours and that your goals need to align with your deepest values.  (hey - you need to know what your values are - so starting there is a good place).  It isn't JUST because I wrote down my goals that they happened.  It's also because I dug deep and recognized what I was being called to do and be.  
May I challenge you to set aside some time to discover your calling, your values, your mission.  Get a coach or a friend to help you.  Begin to set yourself on a course of successful living. 

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Lori Girard

I'm Lori, and I have a ridiculous passion for helping women discover their true identity, transform their belief systems and purposely create a successful lifestyle.

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