My Story

Change is tough and often it's a struggle to see yourself at a different place than where you are right now.  You know you need transformation, but have struggled with making it a reality.  Or perhaps you have been thrust into a situation where life is looking VERY different than what you had imagined and hasn't turned out the way you expected.  You are disappointed, maybe bitter or just tired of living without purpose.  You have lost yourself.
Hi, I’m Lori Girard and I’ve been there.
I was a mom of three kids with a thriving six-figure business I loved & had dedicated my entire (grown-up) life to, alongside my husband.  We had huge goals and dreams, and in fact had accomplished many of them.   I experienced wonderful adventures some people only dream of.  Then one day in 2010 - I woke up to the discovery of an affair.  I was no longer needed as a wife and business partner.  By the weekend I had moved out of our home & was starting over.   Divorce soon followed despite efforts to heal and mend the relationship.  What I knew, who I THOUGHT I was and what I did… suddenly was no longer connected to my marriage of 26yrs or our business of 21 yrs.  I had a serious identity crisis on my hands.  I was struggling.
Was I scared?  Of course.
Did it hurt? You bet.
Was I experiencing depression? Yup - for sure.
Had I wasted all those years?  Certainly not.  
Could I find joy in the midst of tragedy?  YES.

I survived, even THRIVED, and created a life I truly love.
And so can you – no matter the obstacle.
198.Living Boldly in God's Purpose

There is more

I believe in miracles.  However nothing is going to happen unless you make the space for one.
Or two or three...and more.  As I surrendered to God and trusted Him with my future, discovered my purpose and learned that He had a wonderful, fulfilling life designed for me.  My heart healed, I had hope and saw the miraculous happen deep within my soul.  I don't know how He does it but the fact that we get to partner with the Creator of the universe and play a part in transforming lives - just amazes me.  So I am in.  

One of the things that keeps me focused on Coaching is that so often (like ALL the time) I just want to stand on top of a mountain (or a soapbox will do) and shout:  

"People, there is so much more!"  

You, as a child of God, created with a purpose and meant to have personal relationship with Him are meant to live restored, healed and full of life that overflows to others.  You are meant to be a positive influence.  YOU are an influencer. I am here to help you thrive in that call.  To walk you through figuring out what exactly is holding you back or causing the pain that keeps you bound and unable to move.  Then stepping into the miraculous - hearing from God and learning to surrender as He guides you, heals you and directs you specifically into exactly what He has designed for you.  You are unique, your call is unique and no one can do what you are called to do.

I am Lifestyle catalyst who loves initiating transformation & activating Christian women in their gifts and calling. 

My Passions

I treasure good strong coffee, my girls, my grandkids, and being able to empower others to live fully.  

I love spending time in the Word of God and I highly value my relationship with Christ.  

I am an extrovert and can talk to anyone, but cherish spending time on my own. I know - weird...don't try and figure it out.  

My other loves are:  Time with good friends, rooibos tea (earl grey being a close second), road cycling, great books and new adventures - whether it's travel or some new and crazy thing to try.  Some of my fav's being crawling through Mayan caves in Mexico... TWICE,  bike adventures in Greece and most recently Paddleboarding.

My passion for coaching others began in 1990 when I had the opportunity to have influence & impact on others through a very successful business in the financial industry.  My niche throughout those 20 years  was to coach individuals in areas relating specifically to  goal setting, creating mission statements, identifying fears & overcoming the challenges that often hold us back from success and accomplishing our goals.  

Additionally, I have mentored and coached young women since 2002 as a youth mentor with Riverside Community Church.  I have over 12 short-term missions trips under my belt which are not only focused on serving the communities we visit but also on giving young people an opportunity to experience other cultures & work hard creating change wherever we serve.  

I love serving the people of my community.  It just flows from me.  I can't help myself.  The Covid Pandemic didn't stop me.  I got busier, more creative and found many new ways to serve my community and my Church family.  As a result I was honoured with the BC Medal of Good Citizenship in 2022.  It was a surprising honour as reward is not what I seek - the reward is joy in serving and seeing lives changed and transformed. Even if what I am doing results in just a little extra hope because someone noticed them and was kind.  I am good with that.

I specialize in Faith based coaching. It may be helpful to know I am a licensed Pastor with the Foursquare Church of Canada, specifically Hillside Church in Airdrie, Alberta.

I was trained with Erickson College in the Art & Science of Coaching as a Professional Coach in 2015.  I empower Christian women to rise up, leave mediocrity behind and live impactful, victorious lives through discovering their identity, and personal values.  With a focus on transforming belief systems and mobilizing women in precisely what God has called them to be and do.

So - what are you waiting for?

Click that 'Adventure' button below and get in touch for a complimentary chat.  I’d love to help you live on your terms the life God designed for you to live.
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