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The Details

"Lori Girard created effective dialogue that led me to tangibly pursue health and spiritual wellness goals I had made years before. Through the use of personal conversations, take home work sheets, and intentional follow up, she helped me develop achievable tactics to help meet the goals discussed in previous sessions. Over all, a healthy experience that I would highly recommend to any friend!"
- Amanda
"The coaching sessions in which Lori aided me to replace negative thoughts to positive cannot be compared with standard life coach’s techniques. Each session was carefully executed in a personal, thoughtful and professional manner. The results have not only successfully altered my old negative thinking patterns, habits and anxious thoughts, but have restored them; because of this I am able to live in freedom and with purpose."
- Kylee
"Lori has an incredible natural ability to bring out the potential and talent in the people she connects with. I loved my coaching sessions with Lori because she truly made my ideas and dreams a priority, and helped me explore practical resources and skills to make my goals a reality. One of the things I respect most about Lori's work is her ability to view her clients' goals from multiple perspectives, rather than leading by assumptions. Lori has inspired me to live with purpose and follow my passions wholeheartedly."
- Alysia 
"Lori provided excellent guidance throughout the session with her empathetic approach, encouragement and organization. We were able to create a step by step plan that helped me attain my goal and opened up many exciting new opportunities in my life!"
- Justeene
"In the Summer of 2015, at a time in my life when I needed to obtain some direction and gather my many different thoughts into an organized approach to my life’s direction, Lori was able to guide me through a 4 session Coaching process to work through it all.  
 With her guidance, I was able to put together my very own personal value system and actually see what those values really were, for the first time in my life!  
To date, it has been one of the most important steps I have taken in my life to get me on track to create my goals in line with my values, and that lead me to what I truly desire in my life.
And I plan to work with her again in the future to keep up the momentum!  Her approach is systematic, fun and enlightening because she has the actively listening skill down to a T.   She heard what I didn’t even realize I was saying all along.  She helped empower me get out of my own way, so to speak!
Take a chance people!  She is a wonderful coach."
- Jennifer
"I started having meetings with Lori at a point when I was very unsure of direction in my life. Being able to sit down with someone who listens, understands, and empathizes, yet is able to take a step back to really see what was going on was invaluable. We were able to identify what I was going through, where I wanted to go, and tangible steps to be able to get there. It wasn't easy, and it took work, but Lori encouraged and gave me the tools I needed to get through.  It really was such a fantastic experience, and I'm still using those tools."
- Cory
"When I came to Lori I didn't know what I was looking for as far as help goes but Lori was able to help me put together a plan that not only helped me move forward from where I was but also helped me maintain that plan to this day by referring to the notes I took during our sessions. Lori asked thought provoking questions that guided me in a positive direction. I found it easy to check in with Lori whenever I had a question or concern and while she didn't always have the answers I was looking for, she was still able to provide time to listen."
- Heather
As a life coach, Lori is professional and encouraging.  She provided  an extremely well structured blueprint in helping me recognize my personal values and prioritizing the action steps I needed in order to achieve my goals.  
- Faith
Lori's insight, wisdom, godliness and life experience were monumental in helping me learn to dig deep into myself and God's plan for me. Through our sessions, I was able to step back and see the big picture as God sees it, but also work at the practical minutiae of everyday life. She is encouraging and engaging, and helped me to step into my identity with power!
- Marissa
“When Lori and I sat down to talk about my goal setting, I knew I would like to go to school for Social Work but didn't know where to start Lori provided steps to help me and eventually I achieved my goal. In September I will be attending Douglas College for Social Work, I have wanted to do this for years. I found our conversation about goal setting very useful, a push that I definitely needed. I am now looking forward to achieving my goals one at a time! Thank you, Lori!”
- Michelle

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