Fear Not

Be Fearless

Or better said; "Feel the fear and do it anyway!"  Because if we are honest, being fearless - doesn't mean we don't feel fear - we are really pushing through the fear and 'doing it scared'. THAT is awesome!  We have all done it.  Just gotta do it some more!  So join me... erase fear and live successfully in whatever you are meant to do and be!
Fear is such an interesting emotion & often prevents us from being the best we can be.  I certainly haven’t mastered the whole 'overcoming fear' thing but have learned a lot about it and more often than not I 'do it scared'.  Funny thing is... as I push through the fear and 'do it scared'... after a while it isn't a fearful thing!  Gotta LOVE that!
Here are just a few interesting things I have learned about FEAR:
There are 2 core fears that most of us struggle with to some degree or another. 
The Fear of Success & The Fear of Failure.   If you have done any self exploration and identified some things you struggle with - you may recognize some of these;
Fear of rejection
Fear of not measuring up
Fear of confrontation
These are all a form of the Fear of Failure.  
How about these;
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Responsibility
Fear of Change
These are all forms of the Fear of Success.  
The fear of success is a hard one to wrap your head around, but simply put - someone who fears success would HAVE to take responsibility and stay committed in order to actually be successful.  Being successful means that you will have to continue to perform at a higher level and that would require change, sticking with your commitments etc.   Someone who fears success will often unconsciously self-sabotage their efforts along the way so they don't have to continue to perform at that 'perceived' or 'real' higher level or risk losing it all once they get there.   Self-sabotage will often disguise itself as someone else’s fault or something 'out of their control'  like circumstances, or sickness or lack of resources or their leader or..... (a multitude of possibilities here)
It's important to identify the fears you struggle with.  IF you don't - you will keep sabotaging yourself!
My personal struggle has been with the fear of failure.  I would often rather avoid something than risk rejection or not measuring up.  I haven't mastered pushing through this 100% of the time - but certainly have overcome this in a huge way (let's say 95% of the time!).  
My secret is 'FAITH' 
YUP - knowing who you are and WHOSE you are.  My personal relationship with Christ has enabled me to RISK because I have someone I can TRUST.
My FAITH gives me vision and enables me to move forward towards my goals and what God has called me to.
Persistence is so much easier when you have FAITH.  
FAITH is sometimes 'doing it scared' but trusting God to carry you, guide you, give you direction and wisdom.  
FAITH is allowing failure to be something we learn from not something we fear.
Fear not, take risks - experience freedom, breakthrough and success!

Lori Girard

I'm Lori, and I have a ridiculous passion for helping women discover their true identity, transform their belief systems and purposely create a successful lifestyle.

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