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Create and Re-invent
by Lori Girard on February 1st, 2015
What are you creating?  We constantly are creating.  We were created.  Our lives were given to us by the Creator to create our own unique story.  Each day we have an opportunity to create something new for ourselves and those around us.  
Chapters, paragraphs, sentences, words & punctuation!  Each day is an opportunity to start a new chapter. (sometimes sooooo thankful for the opportunity to start
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Dream Big
by Lori Girard on January 15th, 2015
Big Dreams bring adventure, challenge, excitement, fun, & maybe a little disapointment at times!  Nevertheless, dreaming BIG is always worth it because we grow and learn and accomplish great things.  Whether it's a great thing deep inside our character or a great thing that impacts and influences others... it's still totally worth the risk.
Dreaming BIG is risky - yup, requires us to think bigger t
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Enjoy Life
by Lori Girard on January 13th, 2015
Breathe -  purposely breathe-in life.  You are alive... that is a huge source of joy!
As I travel throughout my life, the ups and downs... the surprises & challenges, I have found that gratefulness brings joy, it truly does.  I know that in the middle of a mess, it's hard to see the joy.  In the middle of grief and tears, it's hard to feel joy.  But being grateful for healing and friends and lif

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Fear Not
by Lori Girard on December 30th, 2014
Or better said; "Feel the fear and do it anyway!"  Because if we are honest, being fearless - doesn't mean we don't feel fear - we are really pushing through the fear and 'doing it scared'. THAT is awesome!  We have all done it.  Just gotta do it some more!  So join me... erase fear and live successfully in whatever you are meant to do and be!
Fear is such an interesting emotion & often prevents u

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Be Kind
by Lori Girard on February 23rd, 2014
Kindness... so impactful and life changing at times!  Think of how an act of kindness makes you feel.  Grateful, valued, special, relieved, not alone, wanted, encouraged, perhaps un-deserving or surprised.  It's just good.

The world has talked a lot of 'Random Acts of Kindness'  or 'Paying it Forward'.  Have you manged to insert that practice into your everyday life?  I havn't quite mastered a cons

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Amaze Yourself
by Lori Girard on February 15th, 2014
Yes - YOU
Amaze yourself by allowing yourself to be challenged!  Often we know deep down inside that in order to truly change - we need to be challenged.  Challenged in the little or the large.  Start small... It's the tiny decisions that launch us to change.  It's when we are moving positively towards change, towards a goal that we not only inspire ourselves... we inspire others.  Time and time ag
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