Create and Re-invent

What Story Are You Writing?

What are you creating?  We constantly are creating.  We were created.  Our lives were given to us by the Creator to create our own unique story.  Each day we have an opportunity to create something new for ourselves and those around us.  
Chapters, paragraphs, sentences, words & punctuation!  Each day is an opportunity to start a new chapter. (sometimes sooooo thankful for the opportunity to start a new chapter!  Other times new chapter just happen) 
Each of our stories has lessons we are learning, and often our lessons are also lessons for others who read our book.  Sometimes we get stuck in a 'never-ending' chapter that we desperately want to get out of!  Life brings extremely interesting things that make each of our stories valuable and exciting.  There is life & death, drama, lessons, anger, frustration, mystery, fear, success, failures, love, heartbreak, forgiveness, discovery, joy, gratitude, excitement.  Sometimes you get a surprise chapter, a new turn in the storyline... but we always have a choice of how we will respond. How will you write that chapter?  Will it end in failure or gratitude?  Will it launch you into the highlight of your life?  Sometimes we have to ask ourselves why we feel stuck in a chapter.  You do have a choice to start a new one!  YES - you choose.  Sometimes that simple reality that you can choose to change the situation is a hard one to face, or we are just so stuck in the middle of it that we don't know we are stuck.  Unlike a real book, we can't erase or rip-out pages, nor can we make millions of copies!  You may have a chapter you would like to rip-out... try and learn from it, forgive, ask forgiveness, allow it to shape you and create character that is admirable yet humble.  You and your story are unique.  I want to challenge you to write a beautiful, creative, life giving story. Create a story of impact & influence.  What's your story? 

Lori Girard

I'm Lori, and I have a ridiculous passion for helping women discover their true identity, transform their belief systems and purposely create a successful lifestyle.

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