8 Gifts that Bring Joy!

It’s an awesome thing to give & live a life of giving.  As much as this might require a lot at times and throw a little selfless-ness in there…the reward is JOY. (and we all can use a little more JOY!)  Each one of these is an extension of our love for others.  Transform your little world by giving.   Allow giving to surprise you.  I also challenge you just to give… not expecting reward.  And - oh yes YOU do have something you can give.  

1. Give encouragement – speak into someone’s life.  Encourage them in who they are and who they are capable of becoming.  Write a note, call, text or encourage face to face.  Think about the possibilities!
2. Give your time – for those whose ‘love gift’ is quality time, (  this is vital to maintaining a great relationship.  Ensure it’s ‘quality’ by focusing on the other person and what their needs might be. 
3. Give a hand – identify those who are always helping and serving others… step in and help out.  Small things can be HUGE and easy to do.  People feel validated and loved when you give up your agenda and step up to help them with their agenda.  Take a risk and offer something.
4. Give a gift – a gift says; ‘I was thinking of you when I picked this up’.  ‘you were on my mind.’  ‘You are worth my time to make the effort to make or buy something you would like.’  It can also say ‘I am sorry, forgive me!’  Either one of these messages validates the relationship and is encouraging! 
5. Give space – oh what a great gift for those with full households!  Either share your quiet space with them or take on the entourage they live with so they can get a moment alone!  Listen to those closest to you as to when they need some time alone.  Provide opportunity & follow up with a hug.
6. Give your ear – Give-up your right to speak your mind and just listen.  Ask questions… listen – listen – listen!  Ask more questions.  Remind yourself that you don’t HAVE to tell your story or give your opinion.  Learn compassion by truly listening.
7. Give a hug – oh so simple and so life giving.  I have a young woman in my life who makes sure to give me a HUGE long hug every time she sees me.   Scientifically speaking holding a hug for an extended time lifts our serotonin levels, elevating our mood.  Bring it on!  Or should we say ‘Pass on the joy with a hug!’ (being this is about ‘giving’) 
8. Give Thanks - try it...really.  Every day find something new you are thankful for & live giving thanks.  I did this challenge - wrote it down or posted it & it transformed my thinking & attitude.  Such a simple thing.... yet so complex in transforming us.

Any one of these ‘giving’ challenges will make your world a better place.  Giving brings life & speaks life.  Who has transformed your life with what they gave?  What sacrifices have you made that brought joy to others through giving?  Live well & love life.

Lori Girard

I'm Lori, and I have a ridiculous passion for helping women discover their true identity, transform their belief systems and purposely create a successful lifestyle.

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