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Choose Joy

Breathe -  purposely breathe-in life.  You are alive... that is a huge source of joy!
As I travel throughout my life, the ups and downs... the surprises & challenges, I have found that gratefulness brings joy, it truly does.  I know that in the middle of a mess, it's hard to see the joy.  In the middle of grief and tears, it's hard to feel joy.  But being grateful for healing and friends and life, brings joy.  Choosing to focus on the positive or even just the good in my life brings me joy.  Connecting with our Creator brings true joy, even in the midst of our deepest pain. I don't know how we can have moments of joy in the midst of grief, but we can, He makes it possible.  It is a gift.  A grace filled gift of LIFE - Joy filled life. 

 I am living 'Plan B' and can relate to deep disapointment and trying to make sense of life.  Consistantly choosing negativity and focusing on what hasn't happened in our favor will eventually take over.  Bitterness, unforgiveness and anger will steal your joy.


Choose to focus on what you have, even if it isn't much.  Start a Gratitude list & keep adding to it.  I did this and at first it was easy, but as I kept having to find new things to be grateful for - it opened up my world to the multitude of things in life we have as gifts.  It made me think.  It made me grateful for the little things like a catapillar being discovered by a 2yr old.  I became even more grateful for big things like my health and my eyesight!  
Consciously choose to think of those who bring you joy.   Surround yourself with those people and limit your time with those who steal your joy.


Choose to forgive, even if you don't know how.  Start by wanting to forgive.  Forgiveness brings healing and joy.   We often can feel like forgiving let's the other person 'off the hook'... My friend Kathy described forgiveness as 'taking the hook out of ourselves'.   That was a huge wake-up call and God exposed another layer of forgiveness for me to process.  Another layer of joy to experience.  Deeper joy.

Lori Girard

I'm Lori, and I have a ridiculous passion for helping women discover their true identity, transform their belief systems and purposely create a successful lifestyle.

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Michelle Pride - May 28th, 2014 at 8:43pm

Awesome. Well said, Lori. I agree.