Purpose - Identity - Values


​You receive 4 coaching appointments over one month.
We will take time to focus on each of the three areas individually.
​Yes there is some homework. (sorry!)  But there is a point to this!  The homework related to each appointment will make your time with me very profitable.
Together we will:
  • ​Solidify your purpose so you have a strong foundation for life.
  • Uncover your personal identity and make a plan to live true to you.  
  • Peel away negative influences and create reminders that reflect your personal revelations and foundational, biblical truth.
  • Discover your top 5 personal core values.  Define them and identify how they reflect and rise up in your life. Determine if there are any hidden values that need to be brought to the surface.  
  • Make a values plan that enables you to live life with integrity based on your values and not anyone else’s.