mission  statement  &  goal  setting


​​You receive 3 months of personal coaching (9 one-hour calls/appointments), including unlimited email access during the program.  Customized exercises and worksheets.   Imagine living life knowing your mission and living a life of impact, a life full of purpose ...while you embrace the journey. (YES a fulfilled life, despite the obstacles and challenges that often come with it)  YOU are an overcomer.  YOU are victorious.  YOU’VE got this.
Together we will:
  • Work on and develop your personal Mission Statement.
  • Identify the changes that need to be made in order to live from your life mission.
  • Put a plan into place to make those changes work.
  • Establish some goals and create a plan to achieve them.​
  • Dig deep and discover the WHY behind each goal (which helps keep you on track and gives you strong emotional reasons to stick with it)
  • Talk about potential obstacles and eliminate most of them immediately.​ 
  • Figure out what motivates you and what doesn't – to keep you focused.
  • ​Uncover some of your limiting beliefs related to your goals, and then shift those to empowering beliefs to change your life.​
  • Set a 'Celebration' day to connect and celebrate together the accomplishment of your goal.