my  personal  mission  statement:

​Through my example and each opportunity God gives me, my mission is to inspire and empower others to discover their purpose, identity and giftings.  Motivating and inspiring each one to live out their purpose/vision with passion and truth.

Some Mission  statements  from the  young  adult  leadership  program:

​"My mission is to motivate and encourage any individual seeking acceptance. Enabling them to live confidently and realizing their true Identity through God and not media." -A.M.

"My mission is to love, encourage and inspire children by setting an example through my personal worship, and being kind and welcoming to anyone I meet regardless of their age." -T.R.

​"My mission is to bring God's complete restoration, freedom, and joy to society as a whole by partnering with God through my music, writing, and speaking. Specifically demonstrating and teaching about His grace so that relationship with Christ is created and deepened." - S.K.

​"My mission is to encourage, love and help others who surround me through practical and impacting ways. Specifically bringing the message of forgiveness through my own personal life and through the example of Christ's sacrifice for forgiveness." -S.C.

​"My mission is to continuously pursue a closeness with God. To love Him wholeheartedly and from that love, spread it to others through kindness, authenticity, and grace. I love to learn from the wisdom from those around me and I choose to embrace opportunities to speak encouragement to all, helping the people around me to be the best they can be. I am aware of Gods call for me globally and to have impact wherever He places me." -M.M.

​My mission is to learn and discover the creative purpose God has called me to, by obediently walking through doors he opens for me. Faithfully I take one step at a time towards the future God lays before me." - M.A.

"​My mission is to have a deep one on one personal connection with God, where I walk consistently in freedom, transformation and grace.  My focus is to the hurt and broken, passing on what I have learned and experienced in my walk with God. Bringing hope and healing to each one." -E.L.

​"My mission is to grow in my relationship with God and my knowledge of Him so that I am an example of His love and grace to the broken." - J.B.

​"My mission is to accept and treat all people with fairness and equality, drawing from the numerous examples God has placed in my life.  I will help people through adversity, making sure they are aware of all options available to them, so as to ensure they can make the best possible decisions for their lives." -L.G.

​"My mission is to love, influence, and bring God's joy to those around me by stepping out in courage to lead and serve selflessly wherever and whatever He calls me to." -M.M.

​"My mission is to walk out the visionary ideas that God gives me by using my creativity, being diligent, and staying true to God and myself.  I have faith that God is laying out the next step." -E.B.