Live Well
by Lori Girard on February 15th, 2014

Be Challenged, Change, Inspire.

Yes - YOU
Amaze yourself by allowing yourself to be challenged!  Often we know deep down inside that in order to truly change - we need to be challenged.  Challenged in the little or the large.  Start small... It's the tiny decisions that launch us to change.  It's when we are moving positively towards change, towards a goal that we not only inspire ourselves... we inspire others.  Time and time again I am personally inspired by people I coach.  Every one of them motivates me & even with-in their own 'ah-hah' moments of discovery & stepping out of the box... I am launched into personal improvement and change.  When we change, when we challenge ourselves, we inspire others to either do the same or change in their own unique way.  Change has been something I love in some ways but fear when it requires either more of myself, requires me to live more self-lessly, or requires me to step out of my little box of confidence.  Step out, be challenged, change & inspire!

by Lori Girard on February 9th, 2014

My oldest daughter brought me a gift one day... it was homemade & had this 'tag' tied onto it. 'Life isn't about waiting for the Storm to pass... It's learning to Dance in the Rain!' 
Little did she know that the real gift was the message attached to the nourishing body-scrub she made for me!  
Life can be stormy at times, uncomfortable, messy and uncontrollable... but I have learned  that there can be great good that comes from our lives, even when life isn't perfect.  I have learned to keep going, to keep giving, to keep serving to keep gratefulness close to my heart.  
I have learned to embrace change - even though it's often one of the things I am most afraid of.  My life was turned upside down & everything changed.  I was tempted to be bitter and resentful... but each day I made a choice to embrace all I had that day and jump into whatever God had for me.   There were also things I needed to change - I embraced that too and have begun the journey of learning to Dance in the Rain... as a result, I have found joy in so many things!  I hope that parts and pieces of my blog can and will inspire anyone who reads it.  I am not a writer, I am just me... sharing my heart from time to time.  In the end, my goal is to encourage, inspire and have impact.